Secret box truck 'night market' pops up again in NYC


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What’s not to love? I asxk yous?


Reminds me of Fritz Leiber’s Bazaar of the Bizarre.

One night in Lankhmar, Gray Mouser and Fafhrd are summoned by their patron wizards, Ningauble of the Seven Eyes and Sheelba of the Eyeless Face, unusually working together, to carry out a mission. They are required to enter the Plaza of Dark Delights to obliterate a bazaar that has been established there by the Devourers, alien merchants that magically mesmerise customers into buying high priced merchandise that is actually worthless trash.


Mmmm. That it’s in New York, and not Colorado Springs? Other than that, I love it.

Now I want that fleshed out into a full song set to the tune of One Night in Bangkok.


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