Security director of Iowa lottery awards himself with a $14.3 million winning ticket


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

this story seems like exactly what would happen to you if you owed the mob money & they knew you worked at the lottery :[ obviously a root-kit possessing lottery worker gone greedy is the simplest explanation – but at the same time some of the details seem weird.

maybe all he really knew was that the RNG computer was set to autorun USB devices. it’d still explain the statements of his coworkers in the article, and be valuable enough info that he could use it as collateral if need be. even a technologically un-saavy mob guy would be able to find on the black market a USB stick exploit, if he knew the potential take was tens of millions. & when you have a patsy who actually has permissions to that machine…?!

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It’s weird how all these articles use “root kit” and “self-deleting computer program” interchangeably. It seems pretty clear that nobody knows exactly how the guy tampered with the computer.

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Not sure how strong the charge. The ars technica version gave more details, but ultimately relies on video footage. Which may or may not be strong. If the connection to the attorney is proven, that would help. The ars story indicated it was not conclusive.

Some circumstantial evidence they are relying on is ‘he was obsessed with rootkits’, but any security administrator might be concerned about rootkits if they suspect they might be targeted by resourceful entities.

The claim is he accessed the sensitive system which has access to the winning combination with an usb drive. This seems to have been assumed, like the ‘self-deleting’ rootkit. The sensitive system was in a room which could only be accessed by two employees at a time, and it had a video camera on it. They believe he somehow hacked the video camera so footage was only shot in one second increments, giving him ‘mission impossible’ capacity to stick in the usb stick without being seen.

There is circumstantial evidence the shady would be buyer obtained the ticket fraudulently as they were deeply anonymized through a third party country and their attempt to obtain the winnings was so deeply delayed. But that could have been fraud attempted by anyone, including a forged winning ticket.

Still, interesting case, will be interesting to see what further evidence comes to light, or not.

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They did the same thing in Superman 3

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Superman 3 was stealing the penny fractions rounded off payslips, and also 3D printing black kryptonite.

I’m surprised they pressed charges. Seems like the proper way to keep the tax on math funding pork and jails would have been to pay him to keep quiet.

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