Seedship: a text-adventure generation-ship game

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If they’re in hibernation/stasis, wouldn’t that be a sleeper ship? Generation ships have active passengers/crew that reproduce and grow old, and only their descendants will reach the destination.



I thought the same thing. I don’t know how to feel about the fact that a/ I had that thought, b/ I was going to post that, and c/ someone beat me to it :slight_smile:


I’ll check it out as soon as I get past this green door. Open green door, dammit!

The green door is locked. You need the green key to open the green door.

I already have that. Open the green door with the green key!

You don't have the green key.

I just now slew a green dwarf who attacked me with a green sword in a green room. I took all his green shit which included a key. Look, I’ll prove it, just show me my inventory.

green sword
green gem
green helmet
green book
green candle (lit)
dwarf key

It can be a good idea to have few members of the crew in stasis.
In fiction generation ships tends to loose the very knowledge needed to pilot the ship so programming pods to open few years before arriving at destination can be a smart move… Or a good beginning for a comic… dibs!

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Low Score?

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So I gave this game a go. I died of dysentery.


If I can’t travel in a diorama on GSV Sleeper Service, I’m not going.


It’s a great little concept game with a fun premiss. I would really love to play a more fleshed out version of the game and also prefer that it be a little harder. Perhaps you have more course options and more post landing options?

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Also available for free for Android:


I found a decent planet, with rich resources but no air…and it was ugly, which somehow, someway lead to an insane police state?


After a few tries I got Information Age Cosmic Enlightenment thanks to peaceful coexistence with an alien species, which is so beautiful I don’t want to keep playing.

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The politics may be something like colonists surviving the first year * cultural level, with a penalty if the planet is particularly ugly I think. Tech level might factor in as well. Plus a good old fashioned roll of the dice.

I’ve managed a benevolent stone age monarchy on a beautiful planet and a post-singularity Blade Runner style corporatocracy thus far.

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I’d probably end up with something like Rimmerworld.

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