Self-driving car jargon

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So are self driving cars are going to have a “Christine Mode”? They drive around and exact revenge on the owners enemies…

Elon’s self driving car will call them a pedophile first. :slight_smile:


I like the idea of CAOS Architecture

CHRISTINE = Centralized Hybrid Response Interface for Sensing and Tracking Intelligent Nonmechanical Entities

There. Now someone please put that into a white paper.


Wonderfully nerdy. :+1:

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Someone needs to look up the definition of acronym. (Hint: an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word)

It’s car jargon that’s self driving? Let’s try “self-driving-car jargon”

All jargon is driving something

I currently write code at a self-driving car company in San Francisco, and I’m a bit confused to say that I didn’t recognize any of that jargon. Don’t get me wrong – we have a lot of jargon. But maybe it’s all in-company stuff.

Really? I have also worked in the self driving car industry and all of this is standard.

Is it the jargon driving the car or the car driving the jargon?

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