Self-immolating edition of Fahrenheit 451




The story is about suppressing ideas, and about how television
destroys interest in reading literature.

I always thought it was kind of amusing that Bradbury gave his blessing to that decidedly so-so 1966 film adaptation, yet was livid about the idea of his story being read on a Kindle. He was a quirky old luddite, that one.


A strike ‘anywhere’ match and a striking surface on the spine… okaaay.


Yeah, and every strike anywhere I’ve ever used has a white tip on top.

ETA: I think Cory just made up that part about being strike-anywhere. Or at least, such a thing isn’t mentioned anywhere in the actual source link.


You can burn film easier?


I can’t wait for my waterproof edition of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and my miniature edition of The Borrowers! I already got my special edition of The Invisible Man, but I just can’t seem to find it.


1984 with built-in wireless camera system.


Spine doth meth.


I used to be into these sorts of editions, but I just got too paranoid after being constantly monitored and told how to go about my business by my copy of 1984.


Probably should have read one post further before replying above…


Swan vestas are ‘strike anywhere’ and don’t have a white tip- just red throughout. I’ve never seen a match with a white tip, but then I’m not especially well travelled, nor currently a smoker.


A few potentially inappropriate Special Edition Classics:

A Clockwork Orange
Of Mice and Men


Flashpaper pages would have been a nice touch, but safety would have been an issue.


Would the people complaining about the usage of the word “strike anywhere” please take their medication. Thank you.

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