Senate passes $1.9t Covid relief bill

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I was expecting the Republicans to have a better obstruction game than that. I guess they had a harder time coming up with amendments than I thought they would.

Not to mention Ron Johnson’s giant cock-up last night…I am still giggling about that vote.


Honestly, I think they just don’t give a fuck. They know that fighting against a massively popular relief bill can only hurt them, despite the GOP voter’s profoundly short memory and not a one of them had anything truly helpful to add. They were probably just as annoyed at Johnson’s foolishness eating into their weekend.

Also, Ron Johnson is a piece of shit. I mean, that’s obvious, but of all of the procedural nuisances available to him that may actually have forced some sort of conciliatory negotiations, he forced a recitation of the entire bill. Those poor clerks had to spend 11 hours reading out a bill that no one bothered to listen to. In fact, there were so few GOP Senators in the chamber, the Dems were able to pass a vote to limit debate to 3 hours, which actually reduced the overall time it took to pass the bill. All he accomplished was making an already-exhausted Senate staff miserable.


Can we finally kill the filibuster now so congress can actually get some work done?


Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, what a disgrace, I haven’t a way to properly narrate my profound disgust with this fake progressive.


Good. I’m glad they did not. I’m sick of them playing these shitty games with people’s lives.

I do think this means that they understand that this bill is wildly popular and them continuing to block it would have repercussions at the ballot box. But they also don’t want to piss off the moneyed class who are generally not in favor of this bill and pay for their election campaigns. If we had a ban on campaign finance from private interests (no more pacs, only public funding and small donations), that might help with this shit.


That’s what has me laughing. He’s a giant asshole and his dick move that landed heavily on a bunch of staff ended up costing them 7hrs of obstruction rather than pushing things into next week. So. He’s horrible and a failure.


I’m sick of it too. I’m also sick of the Democrats acting like these assholes deserve any benefit of the doubt or that they might be able to talk to them in good faith. I’m really happy to see them limit the debate and get it done.


It was such a blatantly obvious stunt. He says how the public needs to hear and understand the bill, because clearly people are going to be glued to CSPAN for 7 hours while the bill is read in its entirety. And the entire thing can be downloaded from the internet anyway.

Bipartisanship is dead. I wish the Democrats would realize this. There’s nothing to negotiate. There’s no good faith deal making to be done. Republicans have no ideals, no agenda aside from “pwning the libs”, “Donald Trump”, and making the wealthy even wealthier at any cost. You can’t negotiate or compromise with that.

So many of these spineless Democrats are worried about getting primaried, but I dunno, maybe I’m just stupid but I think a great way to not get primaried is to show that you can actually get your fucking job done and get legislation signed into law. All this fucking around isn’t helping anybody.

I wish Biden would realize this too. If he wants to make America better he needs to be like FDR and steamroll Congress to get his agenda though. Pack the courts, kill the filibuster, raise the minimum wage, get infrastructure done, fix immigration, have free college tuition, fix voter suppression, amend the ERA to the constitution, fix climate change. Screw bipartisan bullshit - these things are too important to wait for the enemy to come around - they never will. I’d rather Biden do these things and end up as a one term president than maintain the status quo for the foreseeable future.


I agree, but unless Biden packs the SCOTUS we’re not going to see that change for another generation. Citizens United will eventually join Dred Scott as a decision almost universally condemned in the future, but likely not the near future.


The average democrat seems to think that their electorate would rather see them shaking hands with the GOP instead of doing what they promised they would do. It’s a no-brainer, really.


I think the electorate would like to see the people they elect to actually do what they said they would do. Or at least make an effort.


Thank you again Senate Democrats, for circling the wagons and shooting each other, an honored past-time for the Democrat elected officials that said one thing, and then did another. This all the while people are dying, the pandemic rages, and the GQP’s are plotting…

WTF doesn’t even cover it.


Sinema illustrates clearly why many people don’t go to the polls.

“Well, I thought she was going to represent me…huh.”


My Son in Az phone banked for this asshole fake progressive, and begged his friends to join him. He says the consolation prize is Cpt. Mark Kelly, those kids are just trying to see the silver lining in this pile of shit world they live in.

P.S. He has moved his career search to California, I got my fingers crossed for him.


Why is that woman balancing a stack of papers on her head?


The real question is, why is this Democrat siding with the GQP?


Guarantee you she will claim “because the amendment would have condemned the bill entirely since it breaks the rules for reconciliation and the GOP would have filibustered it.”

Politicians always make sure they have an out when they sell out their constituents.


Did we witness the same set of events? Democrats took no bullshit at all from Republicans. They said “we’re happy to be bipartisan – you have until Friday to be also bipartisan by agreeing with us”.

I didn’t see any Democrat acting like these assholes serve any benefit of the doubt.


I’ll wager you missed this stunt by Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, closely followed by 7 other elected Democrats turning their backs on their constituents and American citizens.