Senator Wyden proposes 20 prison sentences for CEOs who lie about data collection and protection


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You know, back in the 80’s when I remember politicians talking about shifting the US to an “Information Economy” it seemed like such an benign thing. The negative implications to free speech, access to our laws and government funded research never occurred to me.

Jeez Cory, where were you in 1986?


20 prison sentences… of one year each?


Well, much as I’d like to see some of these sleazeballs inside (Zuckerberg for one) and whilst I fully agree that direct CEO sanctions are a wonderfully effective tool for change, I wonder if a better use of limited legislative time and fellow-legislator support wouldn’t be to propose some proper data protection laws, not unlike Europe’s GDPR.


Even if this bill goes through…



You go, Ron! Hope it gets some traction.


A good start would be with the Zuck & Fbook.


Based on the content of the article, I’m guessing Cory left out the word “Year” between “20” and “prison” in the title.

As for the meat of it, fantastic. Do it! But do it fast.


The first challenge to the bill getting passed will be the majority of other senators staring blankly at Mr. Wyden, drooling a bit, and saying “duuuuhhh…what’s data?”


“20 prison sentences… of one year each?” – to be served consecutively.


Lol, totally wrong post and yet still somewhat relevant.


Yeah, this will be the first thing McConnell/Schumer take up after the election.


I hate to be Debbie Downer, but this will only increase CEO salaries to compensate for the increased risk, and if you think today’s severance packages are insane imagine the packages of CEOs who take the fall and go to jail.


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