Seven minutes of one young man's silly video editing magic




Just wonderful smile


I love his hand ruffling. I think the alarm clock bit is really strong.


Totally awesome. I imagine there are people out there who will say "Man, that's so easy to do", but I sure as hell couldn't do it. Fun stuff.


Also, his longer form stuff is pretty fun too. Jedi Kittens!


This is a Liveleak ripoff of a Youtube ripoff of the creator's content as originally posted to Vine. So much for BoingBoing being a supporter of an artist's right to select their own copyright licence for their work!


I actually meant to comment on that, but forgot after I got lost in the rabbit hole of his work via the other links provided. I wish he would post a compilation of all his stuff so that we could see it all in one place, but here's a shorter, 1 minute compilation of some of his Vines, directly from his YouTube channel:


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