SF Bay Area: Sledge Hammer's 30th Hammerversary is this SUNDAY!

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This sounds like so much fun it will bring the house down.


That more than one paragraph can be written about that show is a miracle in itself.


Aw, come on. It was a fun show. And I get to repost the sound bite from Jesus Jones song, Trust Me.

And repost about his gun, which is a Smith & Wesson 629 .44 magnum.

Which is similar to the one Dirty Harry used, only in Stainless steel (He had a regular blued Model 29. S&W uses a ‘6’ to denote stainless guns in their model numbers). While technically there were a couple other larger revolvers out there, it was sort of like how now everyone uses the Desert Eagle when they want the character to have a BFG.

I have a S&W 629 Classic, which is basically the same thing, only with a full underlug - the metal under the barrel, and a small port at the end. It aids in recoil. These can also fire the old school .44 special round, which is much tamer.

I got a new phone, took a new pic testing it.



Do you talk to it?


Only when making my most important life decisions…


I sadly weep.

Having watched both shows, I can only say that “Police Squad (in color!)” frequently caused huge gales of laughter, while Sledge Hammer was good for a chuckle now and then. Yeah, I got that he has a love affair with his gun, but the gags in that show seemed formulaic and overused in comparison.
Obviously Police Squad wasn’t for everyone though, or the whole series would not have fit onto a VHS tape. But for those on the same wavelength, it was crafted from solid gold unicorn horns!

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Mister44: Sixie, what shall we watch on Netflix tonight?

Sixie*: That episode of David & Bob you made me watch sucked, so we’re going to watch a Miss Fisher’s Mysteries.

* who sounds, oddly enough, like Mister44 with a gruff falsetto


“Police Squad” was dumb funny, a spoof of 50’s cop shows like “M Squad,” but the running jokes got old fast and had it run longer it wouldn’t be as lionized as much as it does. Rex Hamilton, the guest star getting killed, the shoeshine guy wouldn’t wear well for twenty two episodes. “Sledge Hammer” was a satire and was saying things that ominously came true. How could anyone claims a show was formulaic that blew up the world for a season finale cliffhanger?

I always thought that Sledge was an extended riff off of Tackleberry from Police Academy. Both were early caricatures of the toxicly masculine hero cop, but while Tackleberry’s more humane colleagues helped save people from the worst of his brutality, independent Sledge was a one-man wrecking device.

Rolling Stone wrote three or four paragraphs on it a few months ago.

Impressive, maybe…

Yes, he totally was like Tackleberry. And the show also had a Police Squad ridiculousness about it.

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“Sledge Hammer!” gets favorably compared to “Get Smart!” more than a “Police Squad!” And the fact that Hammer was bashing right wing rhetoric seems lost here.


Ok, I need to know what this is from.

I remember Sledgehammer when it was broadcast. Haven’t thought about it in years. Oh, hey. Theme music by Danny Elfman? Neat!

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It’s from a Spaghetti Western. According to youtube, “Trinity is Still my Name”. IIRC there are three of them in the series. I haven’t seen them yet, but its on my list to find.

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