Shana Tova 5777! Happy Rosh Hashanah to Happy Mutant Jews!


Rosh Hashanah starts very soon so Shanah Tovah to you all! May 5777 bring you lots of joy!


Shalom, my friend.

You’re a great mensch, even though I don’t often agree with you. I KNOW that you’re doing good as best you can. As we all aspire to do. I’m not a good person to say so. But I hope I can express my good feelings to you.


I don’t got much of a clue about Judaism, but wishing the same and more to both you and yours. :smiley:


Oh, I bet that’s why my girlfriend’s grandmother invited us to dinner tonight. Thanks for the heads up, I don’t pay much attention to this sort of thing.

You also, have a nice day and year :slight_smile:


Shanah Tova! May your new year be sweet, and full of gladness and joy!

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