Sherlock and co are finally in the public domain


On to the Mouse-stille!


cool Maybe I can be the first to write a story for Sherlock. here we go.

Sherlock was sitting in his study when a loud banging on the door startled him. It did not really startle him the first sentence is lying because he planned for the visitor to think he was startled so that he could.Wait Stanley come back here! where are you going? I thought you would are the kind where the narrator lies to push the narrative along. Well he is gone what am I supposed to do now? does everyone else hate it when things like that happen in books.


“Dammit Matlock!” he exclaimed. “I know the invention of boner pills means you can bang hussies again, but that doesn’t mean it has to be against my door!”

“It’s not Matlock, Holmes. It’s Father Dowling…” said Father Dowling
“and Jessica Fletcher,” said Jessica Fletcher

“Well whoever it is, stop having sex in the hallway. I’m trying to solve the mystery of where I put my false teeth,” said Sherlock.

“I bet Bugs Meany took them,” said Encyclopedia Brown.

“Why are you even here?” questioned Sherlock. “You’re not old enough that you need to be in a retirement home.”

Encyclopedia Brown needed only word to solve this case. Turn to page 151 to find out that word.

Page 151: Poontang


Holmes leaned back in his plaid chair, letting the thick smoke from his pipe waft over his head.

‘Tell me more, Mister Potter, about what you and young Draco did in that supply closet.’


your comment reminds me of this clip about Sherlock

QI - Sherlock Holmes E*********n.


said Hercule Poirot. “I’m sure of it. A little-known destination south of Morroco, but well-known to some as a source of rare poisons.”

“I’m sorry sir, just one more thing. Did your nephew know you’d be out of town?”


However, there are certain details of Holmes and Watson that still remain under copyright.
Watson has a second wife.
Watson once was an athlete.
Sherlock Holmes retired from his detective agency

Everything else, it seems is fair game, although certain other elements are remembered from movies and television series.


Then Walt Longmire showed up, squinted, surveyed the scene, adjusted his belt buckle and hat, and drawled, “Yep.”

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It was a dark and stormy night and Holmes said, “Give us a story”. And Watson replied, “It was a dark and stormy night…”

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Sherlock was sitting in his study when a loud banging on the door startled him…
It was surprising because it came from a door that had not been there five minute before. It was a blue door attached to a large wooden box. Before his amazement could subside a handsome, thin, British gentleman wearing nothing but a bow tie ran out of the blue door with a blaze of smoke and fire following him fro the opening. The gentleman slammed the door behind him, dashed his eyes across the room, before settling on Holmes.
“Sherlock Holmes I presume? We must fuck to save the universe!”


at first I lol’d, but then I ;_;'d

This is just the work of one estate that has continuously shaken down writers and creators about one property. Just imagine how hard Disney or the Warner folk would fight to keep control of properties once they fall into the PD!

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why did Sherlock Holmes cross the road?
to get to the public domain

Now you’re just being silly; every scholar knows that Poontang is in Vietnam.

So, when do Mickey, et all enter the public domain, exactly?

It will be in 2023, unless Disney manages to get another extension. The Washington Post is an interesting longer read.

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I’ll bet they will find a way.
Any takers?

But won’t this damage the net creative output of our authors? Seeing those brilliant works descend, unprotected by the glistening shield of copyright, into the seething maws of the great unwashed, being forced into all sorts of strange copulations with bastard works so low they don’t even attempt copyright? The horror… the… horror! No creative person will want that fate for their work. No, we can expect the number of new creative works to plummet, their discouraged creators shining their brilliant beacons onto more mundane works, writing clickwrap agreements, insurance policies, panels of nutritional information, anything that is safe from the sordid fate that awaits any truly creative work. The end of an era.


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