Shetland space launch plans submitted

Man, rocketry has come a long way.

I mean, I assume this means 360 days a year of heavy cloud cover and a 30-mile-an-hour minimum wind speed are no longer considered a problem.

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Who is the sicko planning on putting a poor pony on a rocket??


Well, the UK did have its own space programme back in the day of course. Even launched they’re own satellite.

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If they have a pony, why do they need a rocket?



They used to test the rockets near Carlisle, which was almost unbelievable growing up there in the 80s and 90s.


I can imagine. A UK space agency feels more surreal than the thought that we used to have a train line running through the area before the mass privatisation and dismantling after the Beeching cuts.

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A pretty poor location for launching geostationary satellites. But may be better placed to put satellites into Molniya orbits or other HEO orbits. Maybe some earth-mapping stuff too.

Also, what was the Eddie Izzard line? The British space program could barely afford to put a man in a tracksuit up a ladder?


Carlisle’s train station just adds to the surrealism there.

An big eight platform station (it used to have more platforms) in a place that felt like the last peaceful place on earth you wanted to be.


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