Short film asks "Where Do Ideas Come From?"


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My ideas come from coffee, a lot of coffee.




These are the Muses?



“There were nine Muses according to Hesiod, protecting a different art and being symbolised with a different item; Calliope (epic poetry - writing tablet), Clio (history - scroll), Euterpe (lyric poetry - aulos, a Greek flute), Thalia (comedy and pastoral poetry - comic mask), Melpomene (tragedy - tragic mask), Terpsichore (dance - lyre), Erato (love poetry - cithara, a Greek type of lyre), Polyhymnia (sacred poetry - veil), and Urania (astronomy - globe and compass). On the other hand, Varro mentions that only three Muses exist: Melete (practice), Mneme (memory) and Aoide (song).”


Reminds me of Why Man Creates.


Varro was working for the ancient greek’s equivalent of McKinsey and rightsized the whole muse operation to a commercially sustainable level, concentrating on core competence.


“Where Do Ideas Come From?”



Were redundant Muses retrained to enter the PR field?


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