Shortly after Rupert Murdoch buys National Geographic, he starts firing its award-winning journalists

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I was afraid something like this would happen. I hope the people who Murdoch threw out start something like “New Geographic” to continue making the kind of great content that National Geographic used to have.


Did I read that right, that the shows like Doomsday preppers got canned as well as the journalists?

Because, that’s not all bad I suppose.

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I have long considered him the man who has done the most to destroy the modern western democracies.


NG was my “go to” source in grammar school, now, not so much.


Ok Murdoch is evil but we all knew that. Who are the spineless weasels on the inside of the organization who were all ostensibly on the side of the angels, but then decided to sell their brand’s soul to the devil? Was this a hostile takeover, in which case, who the fuck were the shareholders who didn’t actually give a shit about the meaning of the company…aren’t investors supposed to be people supporting and believing in a company, and contributing their money to help it grow and thrive? (jkjkjk)


A lot of librarians are marking this as the day National Geographic ceased publication.


“You fool!” croaked the frog, “Now we shall both die! Why on earth did you do that?”

Replies the scorpion: “It’s my nature…”

I wish this fable were more accurate with regard to the effects that Murdoch will experience from this.


My guess: NatGeo is still a print publication; the cable channel is mostly Sub-History-Channel drivel. They’ve probably been hemorrhaging cash for the last 10 years or so, but they have a good brand. They were looking to survive. They saw Rupert as a way to survive.

They were wrong.


What Murdoch is doing sure does suck, but would anyone expect anything else?

The real question is HOW THE HELL did National Geographic end up in the hands of Murdoch in the first place? Corporate mischief or greed? Someone sure screwed up.


Right? Can it even be called surviving? They should have just cut their losses on the cable channel, fed whoever greenlit that bullshit in the first place to endangered carnivores, and buckled down on the non-prof magazine. I mean, “help us or we’ll be forced to sell to Rupert Murdoch!” could have been a pretty fucking successful campaign, if managed correctly…


“…urk…” (the noise I make when thinking about this and the way NatGeo positively impacted my life as a child and teen, both in print and on TV, and then about the topic of this article.)


I guess nobody asked Bill Gates, or Al Gore, or Tom Steyer if they’d be willing to underwrite the magazine’s losses. I wonder why not.


They don’t have to. Smithsonian magazine is just up the street, and it’s about to get even better!


It was the national geographic society board.

My theory: they can use the murdoch money to fund lots of fancy parties and trips for themselves with their rich friends. They don’t actually give a shit about the magazine, which is really only read by ‘those people’ (in this case the 99%) anyway.


Pretty much. As long as he has all the money, he doesn’t care what is left over for anyone else


I stopped reading the WSJ after Murdoch took it over. It was already a bastion of RWNJ ‘thinking’ but it went absolutely tea-bagger bonkers crazy after the acquisition. Editorials by Rush Limbaugh, screechy policy and ‘news’ with not a single moderate or slightly left-of-center voice anywhere to be found. Enough. Plus it crashed my previous iPad like crazy (it would fill up the storage entirely without asking, it just took, metaphor anyone? hello?)

My parents scoff at the NYT, but I ask them, list just one lefty on the WSJ, just one… they can’t. I can name a half dozen very prominent righties on the NYT payroll. Sure I skip The Mustache of Freedumb’s columns but they were drivel anyway. Have to save my ten free articles for Paul Krugman.


At least there’s still Smithsonian.


I feel like they must have the best parties.


Seems that the Murdoch clan is intent on continuing its apparent mission to keep America stupid by dumbing down anything they can get their grubby hands onto. Apparently the staff have been told Murdoch Jr whom will be in charge of the new NG biz drives a Prius as if that makes anybody feel better. (I’d be willing to bet that he has a dozen other mega fuel eating vehicles at his disposal)

While the ubiquitous yellow banner may go red you can surely bet that the remaining staff will do their absolute best at preserving the NG mission for as long as is possible. They deserve our support and thanks for a job well done over the years.

Good luck NGers!