Shrill: Lindy West's amazing, laugh-aloud memoir about fatness, abortion, trolls and rape-jokes

That’s not really what I was talking about. More to the effect of … I’m currently overweight. Not by much, but I am. My doctors say my blood pressure is low, my cholesterol is low, the cancer hasn’t come back and I don’t currently need another heart surgery, so they’re not fussed about those 10-15 extra pounds.

BUT … since you mention it, that’s exactly what happened to my father. He complained to his doctor of really bad back pain. His doctor said “you need to lose weight and exercise.” My dad said he couldn’t exercise, because it was really painful and the doctor said he just needed to “push through it.” So my dad, whose weight has fluctuated wildly through his life, kept struggling to exercise and lose weight until the pain became crippling. When his doctor still insisted it was just because he was overweight, he found a new doctor.

You probably see where I’m going with this, but dad actually had multiple myeloma. And at that point he was too far gone for any of the more aggressive treatments. I lost dad 3 years ago this week. He died on my daughter’s 16th birthday.


FFS. This is the kinda semantics crap that makes one wish to pull out their hair.

Are women humans? I’m a humanist, I support the rights of humans and all that. I do not consider myself a feminist due to my focus being a many headed hydra.

But you know, way to make a semantics rage post. Good job.

All lives matter, right?


Heh… The reason why #blacklivesmatters needs to be stated as opposed to #alllivesmatter is because blacks have not been included in the category of all historically… With that… I am a humanist because I am concerned with the all as it should mean, my focus being those not like me. It is a label that better reflects the wide array of things I am concerned with.

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strawman. where did I say I dislike her because she is a feminist? My dislike of her has nothing to do with her being a feminist. Not sure what bag you pulled any of that out of.

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