Shrooms decriminalized in Washington D.C. as of today

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It’s high time they did this.


Note: still illegal federally, all it takes is one cop with an attitude.


First, this is great news!
More control over our bodies and minds never hurts, esp in this time of sweeping, forceful propaganda and mandatory mindsets.
Second, you are correct.
In Denver, this happened. DEA Uses News Articles, Social Media to Track Down Alleged Denver Mushroom Dealer | Westword
Granted, this guy was anything but discrete, but the DEA has nothing better to do.
Overall, the supply of boomers seems no different in Denver.

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Wait! Did the Republican jump the gun on this by a couple of decades? That would explain a lot.

Supply is irrelevant if you grow your own.


If only the shrooms made the awful drive there worth it… is there parking? I wonder if I have to wander around all day to find some… anyone from DC have a report for us?

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David Bronner, the top executive at Dr. Bronner’s soap company, helped bankroll the campaign

That… actually tracks pretty well.


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