Shun the parallax Bandersnatch!


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@doctorow that’s a Jabberwock! /pedant



There was originally a Bandersnatch in the frame, but they couldn’t quite catch it.


ETA he says “borogroves” both times. Wrong, Cabbagepatch, wrong.


i thought that was the jaberwocky.


Was it frumious?


This is great, but Wil Wheaton wasn’t the source. He reblogged it from here:


I am absolutely fumious that they mislabeled this as a Bandersnatch.


Then there’s Sampson the Jabberwock!


Oh, and don’t forget the Garden of Live Flowers!


Reportedly so, yes. Very frumious.

It’s been a long time since I read Alice and a couple years since I last read the Snark, but for some reason I remember Carroll’s bandersnatch being green. Doesn’t Alice see a flash of something green speedily disappearing over a hill or something? Maybe I’m remembering a derivative work.


For some reason, at this moment I have this strong urge to consume yogurt, raw milk, and bee pollen.


Interesting the way that it seems to be mapped onto a surface, rather than a fully 3d shape.


But why would a simple act of mislabeling render you dirty and oily and redolent of the sea?



That really makes me fruminous.

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