Shut-in novelists with cancelled book tours promote each other online

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Very cool. Mo Willems has been doing a daily doodle session with kids (and parents; who are we kidding?) and every day he asks viewers to go to their local bookstore and ask for something by an author they’ve never heard of. The worst of people surfaces at every opportunity, but moments like this really draws out the best of the best people. :heart:

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All of our local bookstores are closed; my wife and I have been discussing what we’ll do when we run out of reading material (extremely unlikely, we have at least 2 dozen books each in our 5-bookcase home library that we haven’t read yet plus the others’ collection to read). Also there are online orders we can do.

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We’re lucky, I guess. Ours is still doing curbside pickup and delivery.

ETA: I guess we’re really lucky now that I think of it. It’s owned by a husband and wife team and they only occasionally have staff cover shifts, which makes the risk much lower for everyone.

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