Silicon Valley Job Title Generator




“Human Experience Overlord” Hmm, seems a little redundant, but overall… I’ll take it!


I hate to say this, but after running through about a dozen of these… they’re amusing but not quite crazy and bullshit enough.


As a content shepherd, I agree. Sadly well beyond plausible.


I got ‘‘REDDIT AGITATOR’’. Hell, that’s spot on.


too bad the gender-able titles are all male.



First try. Perfect.


When chip designer Alan Baum was at DEC, he had real business cards that said, “Alan Baum, Alpha male”.


That just adds to the realism. Let’s be honest, the tech world is way more sexist than it wants to admit.


Unique Experience Proctor


‘‘Idea Amplifier’’


‘‘Functionality Sherpa’’ Oof.


Surely this can’t be coincidence…


I would remind everyone that while we’ve been insulting, and making fun of this guy and his ridiculous social marketing act, his profile is spreading throughout the tubes. Since Shingy’s job job seems to be primarily about self-promotion, he has us all doing his job for him.

I’m sure the irony is not lost on anyone.


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