Silverpush says it's not in the ultrasonic audio-tracker ad-beacons business anymore

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“… SilverPush’s decision has nothing to do with privacy concerns at all, because it was ‘never intruding… [on] privacy and adhering to all regulations.” SilverPush also claims that its audio beacon matching was “done with user consent.’”


Better take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


Silverpush… uses ultrasonic chirps that are emitted by apps, websites, and TV commercials…

(That’s from the original post here:

So websites and TVs are already emitting these chirps? Is this a real thing? Because, if so, I would say detecting them isn’t the problem. The problem is having our browsers broadcast information about our habits in the audio band.

EDIT: No it’s not a thing. I had to click through a few layers, but both the receive and the send are SilverPush technologies, and pretty much hypothetical for now.

I mean why else would you suddenly just disown a technology you tried to pioneer…


I’m glad to hear that SilverPush has said they won’t do this, although I’m suspicious because this seems like their entire business model. However, there are other companies pursuing this technology – is anyone watching them? For example, LISNR is moving from live events into broadcast, with support from a Cisco incubator program.

LISNR’s technology enhances the fan experience during the broadcast or at the live event.

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Is it just me, or did anyone else note that that is a very specific denial.

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