Simplify That Shit: instant online modern art generator


I infinitely prefer the one on the left. Is that an Internet K-Hole find?


This is what it thinks I look like:

What happens if I just keep recursing it back into itself?






My hero:

OK, I’m done now.


Try it. Post results.

I was kind of curious as to how it would handle (somewhat less simplified) abstracts, so I fed it a few of my own. (No worries about copyright that way, eh?)

So this

became this

A little difficulty with portrait-to-landscape conversion, but not too bad.


became this

Well, I suppose. It really cuts down when the material isn’t very contrasted.

This, however,

became this

Well, yeah, I suppose the overall effect of the original is ruddy, but this might be oversimplifying…

It does suggest that the answer to @anon24181555’s question will be a solid colour in very short time.


this is what it did with a picture of one of my art projects. i selected a tree in my mother’s woods and festooned it with close to 1000 red yellow and blue ribbons and now i’m allowing it to weather, taking photos about every three or four months as a documentary record. this was of a picture i took shortly after i attached the ribbons. i’d upload the original image but it’s too large to do so.

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Wait, wait. Two more.


And Sam:

I miss my guys.

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Art is dead. Long live the new machine art.

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I tried one that became fairly stable and repetitive right away

What did it stabilise on? Can you show us?

So now I want to know if you could make a cellular automaton out of it.

No shit? I had coffee with Art this morning.

I’ll try to repeat it but a portrait became a rectangle and line which became the same rectangle but a slightly differently placed and angled line.

OK, maybe I’ll see if I can get a cycle too. Trying to figure out the boundaries of this thing is interesting.

Tried this random woman…

Got this:

ya, that’s Paint – that’s just how I roll

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This one was above my headboard since around grade 6…

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Well, I found that the same pic dropped on the Web app gives slightly different variations, so they seem to have a randomiser, but this Rothko is almost unfair - it has less colour variation than my Composition XIX, and mine always comes out as a solid brick-red field. Whatever the base algorithm is, my pic produces nothing from it that its randomiser can use.

I was kind of interested to see what it did with a) more geometrical materials, and b) more symmetrical stuff.


became this

and this

gave me this

Makes me wonder if they are just colour-averaging to a limited palette and drawing somewhat random geometrical shapes (rather than something that is well-derived from the shapes of the pic). You’ll notice that it has lost the predominate geometry of the first pic (lots of squares), and the symmetry of the second.

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