Singing "Happy Birthday" but only including the word "birthday"

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Other Excessive Events in the Reign of Dimwit Flathead

The full list of Dimwit Flathead’s ludicrously excessive projects may perhaps never be known, as historians are still uncovering new mysteries of this omnipotent tyrant. Many of these, such as the enormous granola smelters built near the Antharian Granola Mines of Plumbat and the scouting of the time tunnels, remain undated. Dimwit’s Birthday was observed once a week on “Birthday,” a day when everyone in the kingdom was required to give the king a present.

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I misunderstood, thought it was going to be all “birthday”, a la “Suckin on a Chilidog


Me too.

Also, aw man, way to take one of my favorite songs and make it horrible!

Why does everyone always sing that song far too slowly - like a dirge? Ugh.

I think it’s the group effect - the more people trying to coordinate their actions, the slower they go. Like how a group of people walking down a street are slower than any one of them would walk by themselves.


I came here to post this when I saw the headline… good show!

Would you like something a bit faster?

(not the famous happy birthday song, of course)

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