Single with no kids? This dating sim can help do your taxes

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Hm. Consider the possibilities in writing one that’s secretly a FinDom…


I find that MSCHF’s satirical brand clouds the fact that it too is mercenary. I would be really concerned about the privacy policy of this “game.”


probably best not to tell it your SSN


Sounds… not secure.


This just sounds like phishing with better graphics…

No different in that regard from other tax preparation software:

Personally I use the IRS’s “Free Fillable Forms” system for filling my taxes. It’s really awful and really no better than doing it on paper, but I’ll be damned if I give TurboTax or H&R block my business after they lobbied so hard to prevent the IRS from offering good, easy-to-use alternatives.

Fortunately the CalFile system to pay my state taxes isn’t quite so bad.


Actually, based on MSCHF’s stated purpose for this piece of software, their policies regarding the privacy of your information are probably less predatory than the major services like Turbo Tax and H&R Block.

Now whether or not this software is actually SAFE to use is a completely different can of worms. At minimum I’d expect the game to not do any transmission of the data you enter and presumably MSCHF isn’t out to collect that data. It’s pretty much up to the user to decide if they trust MSCHF to the same degree they’d trust the other major tax service providers.

Personally I’ll be playing this just for the fun of it and giving it fake information while relying on other options to actually prepare my return. My return is too involved this year for any free services anyway.

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