Site to check out weird or suspect URLs

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I would recommend URLScan as well. It’s a tool I often use when investigating suspect links as it brings in reputation info, the various different connections out, the modules it loads and provides a handy screenshot of the page.

In addition to that, I recommend Talos if you want to look up info about a domain or IP address.

Edit: Oh, and who can forgot your friend and mine, VirusTotal for scanning links to file and the actual files themselves for malicious fingerprints


+1 on the Talos link- It’s what used to be called Senderbase before Cisco merged that site in with their Talos acquisition. It’s been my go to for determining reputation, if a given IP is on any blocklists (and which ones), geolocation, network owner, etc.

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There’s also unfurl which might of use by somebody and isn’t just limited to URLs.

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hey, it works! (suspicious url courtesy of

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