Six lateral thinking puzzles

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Great listen, I love these puzzles.


The Antarctica race one was pretty cool.


I had a different answer for the Antarctica one. I thought it was because one guy was standing right next to the pole and the other guy was like 50 meters to his side and the distance of the race was “around the world.” The one guy paced a few steps in a circle and the other guy hauled ass 300 meters to reach the finish line.

My solution is unsatisfactory since on a real track at a real race, the circumference is factored into the lanes and that’s why the starting blocks are all staggered, and there’s maybe a better way to phrase the question for mine. But the real puzzle is unsatisfactory since time is not measured with a stopwatch like any normal race, either. So I dunno, do y’all think it works, or no?

I had to google the circumference of r50

ETA I got the psychic rooster one right off because there’s a M* A *S *H episode with the same premise


the antarctic one was bullshit. “after some time, they both cross the finish line”. it doesn’t matter whether you cross the date line or not, it has no effect on how much time it takes.

Yeah, the real puzzle is bullshit. The amount of time taken isn’t affected by whether you cross the dateline or not. I was thinking of your version as well, except the answer to the question “was the distance they raced the same?” would have been be “no”, so it didn’t fit.

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