Six LED lightbulbs

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Note they are non-dimmable. Advertised as equivalent to 60w incan.

And what’s their duty cycle?


I bought some HyperIkon bulbs on BB’s previous advertorial, and they’re duds!

Your advertising content is shady and needs to be flagged as such.
Shame on you.


Buying cheap led lamps is a false economy. They last for tens of thousands of hours so there’s no point in buying cheap shit. Do yourself a favour and buy nice ones! Go for high CRI lamps (at least 90) and you shouldn’t regret it.


Are they better than my hand-dipped artisanal beeswax candles? They’re from a small company. You probably haven’t heard of them.


I feel like we’re going over and over the same stuff when it comes to LEDs.

“Replace them for cheap!”
“Yeah, but it’s not worth it because they fail just as often.”

“Replace them for cheap!”
“Yeah, but they don’t dim.”

“Replace them for cheap!”
“Yeah, but the color is terrible.”

Some things aren’t worth the “savings.” Halogen just works.

get six 9W, soft white, LED bulbs for $10.

When I click the link, the price is see is $15. Am I doing it wrong?

Usually you have to enter the coupon code at the last step before you actually purchase it to see the discount. Did you do that?

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my 230V GU10 halogen spots died ALL THE TIME, regardless of the maker. as experiment I bought cheap-ass LEDs and was, uh, underwhelmed by light quality and life period.

over the time I replaced the remaining halogens and bad LEDs with more expensive LEDs by brand manufacturers and I am very pleased.



can’t speak to these bulbs directly, but other cheap bulbs i’ve looked at have been very noisy. noisy enough to interfere with the PLC devices that frauenfelder was flogging the other day.

I got six free from Duke Energy but BoingBoing does not get any vig.


I wondered this too, but they’re listed as the full-standard 25,000 hour lifespan rather than the downgraded 10,000 hour “economy” LED bulbs that Phillips is shilling.

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“They last for tens of thousands of hours so there’s no point in buying cheap shit.”

Lesson I learned buying compact florescent bulbs almost ten years ago: the cheap no-name ones will not last anywhere near as long as the claims on the packaging. Always buy a reputable brand, you pay more but they actually do last the advertised number of hours, which in the case of LEDs is “longer than you will live in the house or apartment you install them in”

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They only lasted a month for me.

Crappy product.

Tho I well say amazon gave me a credit after I told them it died.

Still crappy product.

I’m holding out for the 8 for $10 deals

Ah. No I hadn’t. Looking back on the article, I’m embarrassed I didn’t notice that step which is clearly spelled out. Thank you.

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$6.90 for shipping too. Um…no.

Ugh. MR16 lamps? Just throw them out. It’s the heat. There’s not enough stuff there to get it away from the halogen version and there’s certainly not enough volume of aluminum you can pack into that small of a space to get rid of the LED heat

It was a lamp borne of the 1980’s and I wish it had stayed there. I’d get rid of all the MR16 lamps in the world if I could, terrible source of light that ends up being very frustrating for end users.


I sure want devices that are connected to high power, high voltage AC to be as cheap as possible. Especially since it is completely unheard of that cheaply made electronic devices, with no protection of any kind and the cheapest components that can be found in all of Guangzhou, burst into flames.