Sixth grader sells artisanal Diceware passwords


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I want to adopt her. Is she for sale?


Headline in 2 years: “Teen diary hacked, dozens of passwords at risk”


Unfortunately, the comment in the sales blurb left out one word:

" USPS, ‘which cannot be legally opened by the government without a search warrant.’ "

Unless you ask that expert lawyer from the Cheney-Rumsfeld Administration, John Yoo.


She could use tamper-evident envelopes.


Perhaps just sign the seal and email a photo of it?


Great idea, it supports quite nicely the hand-made passwords spiel!


The typo in “password business” is worrying in such a precision-driven market. What if she generates a password and sends me a slightly different one by mistake? Chaos ensues.


Typo? She clearly meant buis, the French translation for boxwood. Very artisanal, many white chess pieces are made of boxwood.


Surely you mean artisinal, as in the headline.

Count to ten thousand!

Let me guess: Artisinal is the more individualistic form of artistic expression?


You’re hired.


That’s good practice! A deliberate spelling error will confound brute force dictionary attacks! :wink:


The company I work for makes tech that uses encryption keys. Surprisingly, the process of putting these on a device is very manual. It involves two people who are armed and in a secure facility. Each has part of the key only, sent by different mail services to each installer. Her service hinges on precisely the same thing theirs does, which is she is a trusted provider.


It’s too hard to roll dice and look up the diceware password. I choose child labor to accomplish this task for me! Go laziness! Go child labor! Go trusting somebody I never met with my bank password! Are people this stupid?


From the original post:

[quote]Modi’s business serves a lot of her friends, who are prone to choosing
weak social media passwords and sharing them with one other.[/quote]

Seems to be appropriate for the market being served.




Shit, I can’t even choose good usernames!

Order placed.

Why Lindy West quit Twitter

Yuuup! It is amazing how manual, slow, and inefficient it all feels. But I also understand why every step is there. (Former key officer, most boring job ever)


My only problem is running up against those situations where you “must include a lowercase and uppercase and numeral and a special character and the blood of a virgin and three notarized letters” requirements for password generation. I’m already great at throwing long strings of random words together and memorizing them…