Ski resort uses helicopter to bring in more snow

Imagine two ski resorts.
One is powered by a windmill on site. Everything is electrical. To visit it, you’ll need to travel by air.
The other still uses fossil fuels. Heating, the lifts, the snow makers-- it all uses fossil fuels. On the other hand, it’s accessible by train-- which, in turn, derives most of its power from windmills.

Which resort do you patronize (assume that the skiing experience is roughly equivalent)?

To be fair, I don’t have a passion for skiing.
There’s a ski resort about a 2 hour drive from where I grew up. Went there once with my high school. It was fun and all, but ultimately a novelty experience that I wouldn’t bother repeating considering the money and other overhead (like dressing up).
I had a friend in college- he enjoyed skiing. He moved to Colorado :clap:.

Someday the energy required to keep certain activities alive is going to become prohibitively expensive. Personally I would rather see golf or Nascar bite the dust sooner than skiing however!

Finally, I’m no hero. I feel guilty sometimes because I really enjoy imported cheese. I do make a point however to drink local beer. I suppose if I was a farmer helping make food available locally, I might feel okay traveling the world to ski on fake snow every so often.

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