Skyrim on Mac: When?

Is this satire? If so it’s pretty funny. I’ve met people like that. It’s almost like sour grapes. Apple Arcade! Hilarious!

Why are you so insistent upon yucking on my yum? Apple already owns one of the most popular gaming platforms around, the iPhone, and progress in any Apple Arcade game on the iPhone is automatically carried over to the iPad and the Mac (or the other way around).

I didn’t plan on getting Apple Arcade, but I got the Apple One subscription because I like Apple Music more than Spotify (and Apple Music runs on Android), and wanted to watch Foundation on AppleTV+, so Apple Arcade was a freebie. But now I find most of the games I play are ones I found in the Apple Arcade archives.

So yeah. Not the satire you thought, bucky. Now get offa ma lawn!

30 years ago. For less than a year.

None of the games mentioned were exclusive to Apple. Just released there first. Even Bungie switched to concurrent releases after about 1996, and saw most of their sales on the Windows side. Microsoft didn’t buy them out of nowhere.

Fact of the matter here is Apple never really focused on or pursed gaming. At least not after the early days.

By contrast Microsoft was doing inhouse development and a major publisher fairly early on. They spent the 90’s onward doing base work on API and graphics tech.

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