Snowden at SXSW: immediate impressions


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Cue the snide remarks.

Cory: Next to last paragraph, second sentence: “That’s not try of companies that are optimised for security.”

Sorry, I can’t make sense of that.

[edit] Until, of course, I hit send, then I realize that ‘try’ was probably ‘true’. Sigh.

I love how it’s all about the constitution with the pols now that they know they were spied on.


I don’t understand why the use of the BlackBerry Messenger service isn’t brought into these discussions. It is the end-to-end secure communication system people seem to desire. Paranoid me wonders if there’s been a covert public relations campaign against BlackBerry by spy organizations because they don’t want people to use it. No way to know, of course, but the American population does seem rather easily led with regard to what appears in their media.

That could be the case (anti-crackberry campaign), but consider all the talk about Obama having to get rid of his crackberry once he took the POTUS mantle. I recall it being somewhat related to security, but also due to the requirement that his communications go through official gov’t channels so they can be adequately recorded for posterity, among other things.

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my guess would be due to it being reported to have been cracked or backdoored last year:

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