Snowden on Allo: It's “Google Surveillance,” so “Don't use” messaging and personal assistant app


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Hmm. It’s one thing to annoy the guvmint. But google … ?


Voice recognition needs a number of samples before it can recognize a particular user. I’m not too surprised “AI” would too. But shouldn’t it be possible to extract the important data points, compress them and store them locally rather than sending it all to the Great Chatbox in the Sky?


Current state-of-the-art uploads the audio track to remote servers for recognition. Don’t think any smartphone is powerful (speed/storage) to do that locally.


I haven’t seen “Snowden” yet, but in some of the clips I’ve seen, it ties government surveillance into kids playing Pokemon, teens using Snapchat, and people using Instagram – all being watched by the nanny state.

In my opinion, there’s a place for cautious awareness, and then there’s outright tinfoil-hat paranoia.


Wearing a tinfoil hat is paranoia.

Lining your laptop bag with tinfoil is cautious awareness.

##staywoke (digital edition)


Siri is getting worse and worse at understanding me as time goes on.


Oliver Stone is saying the DNC hack was an “inside job” as well, as if he’s somehow an expert on attribution. I’m not sure he’s capable of doing anything, beyond muddying the conversation.


Come on, Snowden. This is clearly fear mongering. Their motto is “Do No Evil”. Does that sounds like a company that would harvest every minutia of data it can glean and use it for nefarious purposes? Or turn it over to the government upon request?


I shouldn’t say this, but I’m sure the first massive spoof information attack is coming. Y’know, where all triggers are tripped by online activity and 4,000 security people descend on an farmyard of chickens.


Yeah, I am getting worse at understanding my kids… it happens…


In my opinion, there’s a place for cautious awareness, and then there’s outright tinfoil-hat paranoia.

Things have gotten so crazy because a good reason. Remember the fringe ideas from a decade ago? Turns out they were mostly right.


Or provide very good end-to-end encryption?


Oh, well, that explains everything.

So kids shouldn’t play Pokemon Go because the government is watching them?


I’m not saying the fringe ideas are right this time, just that a few years ago, a disturbing number of them were correct.

If your kids have no reason to be afraid of surveillance, they are probably fine. If they are doing subversive or illegal things, they probably shouldn’t even have a cell phone.


From the Snowden documents we know the NSA has pwnd Google. If it’s readable by Google, it’s readable by the NSA and sharable with all other law enforcement. And we know that that data can be used for parallel construction and infiltration.



I might be TFH (tin foil hatter) territory to say they are watching everyone, but I think it’s entirely reasonable to say that they could watch anyone they wanted to.


Actual tinfoil hats aside, it’s not paranoia if it’s true! The NSA has already admitted they store everything, even stuff they can’t currently decrypt. And we know that one of their tools for entry to an individual’s environment is through poorly secured family member devices. So, no, not paranoia, just hope you’re not on their radar, and never do anything that might get you there, or ever accidentally associate with somebody who is, or be related to somebody who is, or do business with somebody who is related to somebody who is. (Remember the graph showing how they need only two degrees to reach 90+% of the population?) Yes, it’s crazy, but right now it’s also real.


They quietly dropped that back in 2009, where have you been?


That only works until one end of the connection is infiltrated.