So happy! BBS thrives!

I’m so pleased - an element of my acid test for the success and health of appears to have been passed with flying colours. Maybe.

The test was: Is the fence that must be jumped from boingboing to bbs a hurdle to PR and astroturfing teams? Would they care if negative publicity emerged over the fence? Negative commentary?

And this morning (UK) I may (and in the interests of both prudence and staying neatly on my side of the defamation fighting line) - I think I may have along with others pegged one. Time will tell.

I’m so pleased. Is that bad?


This is very clever and interesting measure of success (not that I’d personally felt this was a very big problem here). Care to direct readers to the thread/comment in question?

Also, my friend can’t believed the awesome deals I found on UNIQUE NIKE LAPTOP!!!

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I’m enjoying the forums. I am still waiting for more user created threads to take off but there are lots of theories on that…

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Mmmm, Will check back in and see. 24 hours should be an appropriate time period to allow an innocent commenter to redrress some kind of balance.

But so far -

Trolls? Check - quite a healthy one too. Vigorous and unstinting, proper '90s no-release grip.

PR emergency response team? Check, pending verification. OK verified - a Halliburton supporter - “Geez! Y’all are just wrong. But you’re too busy bashing ‘big oil’ to actually learn about or know what happened. It’s pathetic really.” - Halliburton pleads guilty to destroying evidence after Deepwater Horizon disaster

It was nice to see the reflexive co-ordinated BB snark at work as well, it’s like a beautiful dance of white blood cells surrounding a yuck germ.

UNIQUE NIKE LAPTOP / Earn $2,000 a day by stuffing envelopes with tomato seed packets whilst naked in front of your webcam I can do it from home you can to ok thanks for sharing? Check-ish - There have been a couple of dodgy posts by dodgy users that qucikly got flagged. One particularly placed in a distressed user-thread subsequent to a friends’ death by suicide, which read along the lines “k, have a great day ,nice to know you!”, which was both indecent and subtle in that it made the pretense of being friendly and maybe trying to establish a presence rather than a one-off hit.

What are the theories?

My thinking is, at an editorial level, people like to engage with the big names (Cory, Xeni, Maggie, David, Mark etc); but also that user-posts need to be more attractive and funny. Basically better. eg Brainspore’s wonderful unicorn picture in Xeni’s ‘Lying to 3 year olds’ thread attracted a lot of attention and interaction (clicking like, responding) spoke volumes.

But things seems to be going on. I’m feeling more stuff happening, a community evolving.

People might have a response filter as well - kind of, if it’s not a BB article but is user-created, it’s not really BB and that’s not why I’m here - although they would engage with exactly the same post were it embedded in the comments of a BB article, if you see what I mean.

So that editorial point - users need to think more editorially, to get their point over in a more attractive way, with attention hooks.

Maybe. Just musing.

And it was important to see the PR defense teams at play because, if they didn’t come, they would have decided that BBS was a “safe harbour” for illicit comments about their stakeholders - as in, a bunch of crazies spouting off to eachother, rather than witty commentary that gets picked up and potentially seeds memes and influence - that spreads and impacts on their image.

So seeing Halliburton, or their reps, step in (gauchely, obviously!) is great. The negative commentary concerned them adequately. More please! It’s fun.