So, who's down for the second Season of The Witcther?

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I haven’t read the books but the last game seems to cover some of the events, how faithfully? I have no idea but i’ve been able to follow the story. Curious what the show looks like for someone that’s actually read the books.


So, who’s down for the second Season of The Witcther?

When I read the typo I thought that meant that someone had made a parody version. My disappointment at not getting a parody was tempered by the realization that we’ll be getting the real thing soon.




As someone who had never read the books or played any of the games, the unmarked time jumps were confusing to me and didn’t seem to illuminate the story. I got the sense they just did it that way because the books did.


…I guess so?

I tried reading the books after watching the first season and I found it very challenging. I didn’t make it through more than 1.5 of the books and just gave up. There is so much side story and distraction that I totally lost interest. Hopefully the Netflix series will help provide a more stable narrative.

Psst: Witcher.


I read all the books, never played the game(s?), and really enjoyed the Netflix show.
I’m sure having read the books first made the narrative easy to follow, much like reading Dune before watching Lynch’s Dune allowed me to know what the fuck was going on amidst the Lynchness.


The first two chapters of the first book were just awful, so I stopped reading. But I quite enjoyed the first season of the show, for what it is.

I never read the books, nor played the games.

The unmarked time jumps were a little odd at first, but grew on me.

I don’t know if that is typical or atypical.

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Can I watch two seasons of this and then play the third game? Is that how it’s lined up? Because Witcher 1 + 2 look rough

I’m in.


Witcher 2 is a pretty good improvement over the first one but the combat is really fiddly and i lost interest about 1/3rd into the game. Witcher 3 is a lot more solid, if you were so inclined you could probably look at playthroughs of the first two games and skip to the story relevant parts or if you want to cut straight to the case look at Story summaries of the first two games. There are a number of videos on the matter so it should be easy for you to find :slight_smile:

As far as I understand, Witcher 1 is after the books (and presumably the series).

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