Sokal Hoax on Steroids?


Yes, that’s what I said. They don’t care about reform, it’s an ego trip for them. People who probably believe that they’re entitled to a better position in the academy than they’ve gotten. I mean, I’m bitter too, but I don’t feel entitled to much of anything and I certainly don’t want to destroy shit from within out of spite.


You mean the media, media, that can’t agree on reality and how to report it? That media? I mean, good luck with that, but I don’t think we’ll get it. Maybe someone like Chronicles will do so, but the mainstream media is going to report whatever they’re told, and it will be yet more evidence of the “rot” in academia - more funding pulled nation-wide, less jobs, less attention to opinions from academia, etc.


Yup, and you were right. They also raise my Spidey sense for “culture warrior” types.


Yeah. Sometimes, I feel so tired. The world has never matched what it was promised to us.


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