Solidwool: Mid-century modern chairs made from wool-based fiberglass


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Huh . . . hmmm . . .

The chair design isn’t familiar, but the close-up of the material stirs old memories. OLD memories, like something I saw in Kindergarten.

Henry Ford proposed making car bodies from a composite material similar to the solidwool chairs, but using hemp fiber. This gets translated by certain tiresome variety of marijuana proponents as “FORD MADE CARS OUT OF HEMP!”

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I heard that it was the engine that was a fiber composite:


Most school furniture is made of wood fiber and melamine, the plastic resin which the Chinese put in so many foods. We also use it plastic ash trays.

The texture of this chair somewhat resembles a chopped fiberglass spray layup used in hot tubs, pools, water tanks, and cheap boat hulls. from this I infer that the wool is felted and not woven.

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There were a lot of non-petroleum-based resins formulated in the past:

Bioresin + natural fibers sounds like the recipe for old school linoleum, too.

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