Some free short stories from Soviet-era science fiction author Anatoly Dneprov

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Thanks for this recommendation, and the links.

I’ve maybe mentioned him before?, but for early Soviet-era stories of the uncanny, I can recommend Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky. “Quadraturin” is a good story of his to start with, and if you like that, the waters get deeper, in the rest of the Memories of the Future collection, and his short novel The Return of Munchausen (both of these are NYRB, but maybe can be found elsewhere?).

This blogger has written up some bio details, and includes excerpts of some of his works:

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I just found a .99 cent copy of the Unbitten Elbow. Will read it and let you know…


I submit that the comment section will be sparse due to the implication that you should read the linked stories first.

Yes, I’ve opened browser tabs to the stories.

No, I haven’t read them yet.

That is all.


I liked both! “The Maxwell Equations” set in a time and place which are familiar to readers of classic SF. Familiar characters like the pale thin girl, the moody assistant and the war criminal all will become cliche in another decade of writing but here they happily play their roles. The author does a great job of fulfilling his plot line with plenty of emotion. “The Purple Mummy” shines as alternative future for Moscow as it is read now. When it was new it must have seemed patriotic and it still has that glow decades later.


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