Someone dropped a USB stick containing a bunch of sensitive security data about Heathrow

Okay a disposable non networked machine.

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Somehow I missed the memo that turning off autorun wasn’t enough :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What’s the deal?

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You could get a fully hardware-based encrypted drive, such as Corsair Padlock 3.

You can’t turn off spoofing a mouse/keyboard/HID and that will do things automagically that can be bad. Plus the one that will kill you pc.

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One wonders why anyone would be sneakernetting that around in the first place.

Sure; the department-wide fileshare located at S: (for secure) \ill-patched\server2k8r2\ isn’t necessarily a more solid choice; but it at least feels procedurally correct in a way that running around with flash drives doesn’t.

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