Son of China's richest man thinks two gold Apple Watches is enough for his dog


So, China, how’s “communism” working out to make every man equal and to ensure that nobody lacks while another has excess?..

What was that quote? Something like “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”…

Well, maybe the dog needs two apple watches.


China has finally lost the right to call itself communist even more completely then the Soviet Union did.


Just every once in a while the uber rich need to have the best ass-beating money can buy without killing the sorry-assed idiots. I don’t know why I think that way but I’m pretty sure it’s a good idea.


Isn’t the word “scion” appropriate in this context? No, fool! Not the car!


Fascism loves Capitalism. Just like a magnet and steel…


can’t you just buy fake bananas?


Good point. I defer to the data.


Having not read the source, I concede the point.


The real threat to that wealth isn’t that the family will spend it on overpriced trinkets. The real threat is that flaunting their extravagant lifestyle will enrage the population to the point where they enact social reforms which take it away.

It’s a bad idea to send out tweets from the Palace of Versailles when the starving peasantry has a guillotine at their disposal.


Can’t afford gold iphones? Let them wear gold Apple Watches.


Yes. They bought watches for their dog.

Icebergs have tips.


a sport band? on a gold watch?

Come on! Doesn’t anyone want the $7000 “modern buckle” to go with it?


I think he’s a little husky to look right in that.


Very tiny tips and very, very huge icebergs.

I challenge you to think of ways that this spoilt kid can spend his money that will realistically cause him to go bankrupt. Yes, he could buy his dog 1500 Learjets, but unless he bought them all at once he could still buy many more. (Indeed, he could buy 150 Learjets per year for 30 years and still be pretty damn rich.)

Yes, he could buy many private islands and armies.

2 Apple watches, or 1000 Apple watches, are not remotely a significant “tip of the iceberg” in any meaningful sense.

Yes, that is absolutely the case. Bankrupcy is many, many times more likely to happen because of (a) enemies in the government, or (b) pitchforks from the peasents then it ever is due to rick-kid spending.


I’d be interested to see if Daddy has A Little Talk with him for approximately those reasons.

China’s plutocracy enjoys substantial impunity relative to the little people; but Chinese politics is not a game where you want to find yourself outmaneuvered and facing corruption charges. Chinese oligarchs enjoy impunity until they lose at politics, or stir up so much discontent that the party has to make an example of them. When that happens, they can and do get shot.

I suspect that this guy has enough bodies buried, were the obstacles to digging removed, to at least send him away for a good long time. That’s a lot of incentive to go kick his son’s ass and tell him that he can do whatever his spoiled heart desires if and only if it doesn’t make the news.


Dad! Can I flaunt my obscene wealth on social media?

Ok, son, but just the tip…




I didn’t say there weren’t billions of ways to kill himself with that money.

But bankrupt himself — I’m going to sound like a broken record, but this amount is unimaginably more than you can spend with prosaic prolectivities such as drugs. He could inject himself with 64,000 kilos of heroin a year for decades before making a significant dent in his cash.


Yeh, Probate and Bankruptcy are different enough.

My second example was sort of about the madness that can also happen, but that’s not a matter of running out of cash, either.


Giving it all away to charity would be not-spoiled-kid stuff.


How much did Osama’s dad leave him?

All that said, of course it’s a ludicrous sum. What can be done?


Euuuugh, that’s a dirty-looking hit. I hope there’s a filter going in that spoon.