Son of China's richest man thinks two gold Apple Watches is enough for his dog


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Bad parenting [no question mark required].

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rich and bored, i’m awesome!!!


No different from anyone else who will wear one (gold or otherwise). Largely to send a message to those around you rather than for any functionality.


Conspicuous waste harkens back the the Gatsby-era where the barons of industry would light cigars with $100 bills. It’s kind of contemptuous of humanity in my opinion

Of course I’m not totally innocent of this myself, I have this strange habit of buying three bananas that I never eat, toss out when they turn brown and then buy more. The hook just looks silly without anything hanging on it.


This is why people have revolutions.


Look at this conspicuous banana-waster. Just look at him.


Maybe he wants to make sure he’s tracking his dog’s exercise?

How many steps should a Husky take each day?


This is why I’m not worried about Picketty’s inherited wealth equation; one or two generations on and it’ll all be distributed back into the economy by spoiled kids, like it always has been …


Next: “bathing” in a tub of gold watches.


The dog has more sense than his owner.


Hey, back off. He’s a job creator.


“I don’t even know how to spend this much money!”


Of course he got two gold Apple Watches for his dog. Three would be silly.


Finally answering the question of “What idiot will pay $10k for a watch that will be unusable in 5 years?”


He could wear the third one at the base of his tail so he could catch up on email while licking his own ass.


Oh, many, many more than you would like your husky to take. They are, well, energetic.


Now THAT’S living the dream!


Do you somehow think Piketty never thought of this? One of his examples is that Paris Hilton’s fortune grew by the same percentage as Bill Gates’ over the past ~20 years. After a certain point, the capital takes on a life of its own.


I calculated it.

In the one hour it took him to buy the two gold watches, his $34 billion dollars made over $260,000. (That’s assuming a very conservative 7% ROI per year.)

He could buy Apple watches for 10 of his dogs 24 hours a day 7 days a week and still not succeed in even shrinking his absurd wealth.

If his money is making (again, conservatively) $2 billion a year, then buying a $10,000 watch is equivalent to someone who makes $100,000 a year buying a 50 cent watch.

Would you look at someone with a good salary buying his dog two 50¢ watches and think they were likely to go bankrupt soon?

My point is, we don’t have a conception of how much money this is, and how it grows at a phenomenally faster rate than even the most absurdly-indulgent rich kid could possibly spend.