Sonos and Bose speakers can be remotely taken over by hackers


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BRB, working on something…


So creamed corn for everyone?


There is a bump on a local Alt rock station that goes something like this:

“Hackers got into our new music - and made it better. Uh, thanks, hackers.”


This is a pretty minor vulnerability on its face, but it’s easy to imagine how it might be leveraged for more intense attacks…

Thank goodness somebody has a watchful eye on those imaginary attacks.



Our toddler aged son got a pair of walkie talkies for Chirstmas. For some reason they don’t turn themselves off after any period of time. So here I am chillin on the couch at 11:30pm while everyone else is in bed, probably lurking on BB. All of a sudden, BEEP sssshhhh static and then silence. Scared the bejesus out of me.

Someone comes on my speakers at 2am and starts chanting…them things getting a good fixing with the old 8lb sledge.


This is exciting news. In the gym I go to, the terrible music they play is broadcast via a dozen or so Sonos speakers and I have long wondered if it would be possible to hack in and change the channel.


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