Source tells Motherboard that Apple will testify against Nebraska's "Right to Repair" law


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Given my tablet works because I got special screwdriver to open it up and tools to peel the case open and replaced the battery?

My mom has a phone that’s been repaired and an iPad that had a screen shatter when my sister had a siezure and smacked it out of her hand?

And the fact my family has done renovations to every. Single. House. We’ve lived in?

You can have my tools and tool chains when you pry them from my cold dead hands.


Didn’t car manufacturers used to publish DIY repair guides? Do those still exist?


A couple things before the general booing commences.

This particular law requires companies to make parts and instructions available to people. It is not simply ‘let me do my thing without penalty’. (I could be wrong on this - won’t pretend that I’m that familiar with the proposed law - do correct me).

And, I think more importantly, allowing this would make their current security (and pretty much anyone elses) setup very tricky. This has come up before with the ‘I had my screen fixed and now my phone won’t boot’ story from about a year ago. If anyone can go in and replace parts like the fingerprint reader and other chips, how can the system consider them safe. Given that if secret-evil-Russian agents, or your favorite three-letter-agency were to do the same thing, one would expect the phone to let you know it has been tampered with.


You raise a good counterpoint. I am still of the mind that instructions should be posted. Because while the parts should all pass cert, we should be able to obtain and install said parts and more importantly have a known good. Compare to so we can open phone up and go ‘what the hell is that?’ And know that black epoxy blobbed thing should not be there.


A minor picky –

The section of the schematic isn’t an Apple ][ or ][+, but an Apple //e or //c – these machines had Apple’s first two custom chips, the IOU shown in the partial schematic, and the companion MMU. These were laid out by hand by Walt Broedner, and contained all the logic of the earlier Apple ][, and then some.

Does that “right to repair” imply access to theory of ops as wll as parts? If you look at the partial schematic shown, the IOU and MMU had a slew of undocumented pin out (and bond out) options, such as support of other than 64k DRAMs.

Right to repair is important, but is unlikely to directly “enable” consumers. Even though I do surface mount assembly and repair at home, I don’t have the equipment necessary to replace, for example a 2mm x 2mm flat pack on a dense double-sided board such as in an iPhone.


No, it does not.


That seems to be what the law is saying–whatever tools, parts, etc., that the OEM makes available to authorized service centers should be available to everyone.


And this is why copyright needs to be wiped out and something else put into it’s place.


Good luck with that, Quixote. We live in a nation that can’t even acknowledge climate change.


How about Obamacare? I hear it will be losing its current place soon.


Sure. It’s not difficult in many cases to get the service manuals for vehicles from the manufacturer (Tesla may be an exception here).

That said, getting the service manual and actually being able to make repairs without specialized (and expensive) or difficult to obtain tools and equipment is another matter entirely.


Hey now! This is about rallying for a Two Minute Hate not about pesky facts.


True story, variations of two minutes of hate were not available as usernames on twitter recently. I checked.


Hey now! This is about rallying for a Two Minute Hate not about pesky facts.

If you want to force the discussion in that direction, that’s one way to start.


So… it would be impossible for a Spy or Hacker to get a job at the Apple Certified Repair Shop … or just steal the documentation from one?

No… this is solely about making more money by making repair replaces pay them for certification. Which begs the question if they calculate in the design process how much money they make on repairs vs preventing damage in the first place and pissing less people off… Because you could calculate a higher profit margin that wa


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