Southern California drought photos: Before and OMG WTF


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It would be nice if the photos had the same camera position and orientation.


Um, actually it’s great that, this time, the same scene was depicted in both photos; -)


Drought? It pissed it down in San Diego yesterday.

Any other cities want to pay me to come on holiday to bring rain with me?


You are Rob McKenna and I claim my Five Pounds.

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On the upside, perfect time for bridge inspection and/or repair.



Those photos might have been vastly more impressive if they were shot at something even vaguely close to the angle and position of the original shots.

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Perhaps we could also be shown some pictures of Owens Lake, as a timely warning of what can happen to fertile areas when Southern California needs water. No sympathy here.


or scuba related graffiti on the parts that would normally be underwater.


Well, thank god climate change is a myth, or this might be something to be really worried about.

Really? sure, the effect would be impressive, but I thought that the fact that there’s no water is impressive and OMG WTF in and of itself.

Sorry, ignore my outrage, its directed at the fact that there’s no water, not at you.

Yeah; the slider gimmick should be reserved for when the pictures are actually aligned. This way, it’s really more confusing than helpful. It’d be better to just have the pictures side by side.

This annoyed me when Kottke did it, too.

The docks are built to float and move - see? That’s because this is a seasonally filled reservoir. It’s supposed to have highly variable content. It partially empties out every single year.

If you want to use pictures to represent the drought, an honest representation would compare the normal low with this year’s low. Not the all-time high with the all-time low, which is what this appears to be. I mean, come on, there are service roads and live, full grown trees underwater in the first shot!

Honestly, every time I see this picture, it makes me want to totally ignore anyone complaining about drought in California, because it seems like clear evidence of bad faith. If these stories about reservoirs are self-serving lies, why should I believe any stories about harm from drought? Fool me twice, shame on me.

It’s probably all just fear-mongering to justify preventing water from reaching Mexico, eh? The satellite views of valuable California real estate show me lots of bright green lawns… until you get to Tijuana, where from high orbit it looks a lot like Death Valley.

Wow, it’s so dry that they had to add suspension cables to the bridge!


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