Southern California or GTA? You make the call

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I had a 40 mile but easy commute. When I retired I immediately relaxed my driving. I was more patient, and drove a little slower. Was it not having to get up early? Not working? Or was it just the commuting?


Sure, there are picturesque chubby angry lunatics out there, but they’re everywhere anymore, not just in California and certainly not just on the road. What caught my ear in the story was “$4,000 in repairs.” To pop out a smooth shallow door dent with a plunger and plug in and screw on a new rearview mirror. For ten minutes of work and the part. If that’s not a racket, what is?


Perhaps there is something in the water in California these days

Or rather, something in the cars - specifically, cameras.


Maybe Water LA can throw some behavior enhancing medicine into the running water to ensure the population stays in harmony. I mean, what can go wrong?


Might be cocaine. I lived in NY for 17 years and never met anyone who did coke recreationally until I moved to los angeles. But also people are just nuts with cars here too. Egotists thinking they can beat traffic with their fast and furious moves…

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Do you still drive much during rush hour? I work from home in Los Angeles and I’ve learned to avoid certain hours for my own sanity. I find driving is mostly fine I’m off hours…middle of the day, very early morning or later in the evening…

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I also WFH in LA County. I rarely have to drive far these days, but there are bad drivers on surface roads, too. Last week, some guy flew through an intersection several seconds after a red light, just as I was moving into the intersection. Thank dog I took several beats and looked to my left before entering the intersection. I saw him look right at me, so it seemed like he knew what he was doing.

Just before Covid-19, I remember seeing an enormous uptick of drivers on surface streets passing on the right/splitting lanes. I spotted someone doing that about 10 minutes after the red light incident.

My hypothesis is that the odds of being caught are so low that some drivers (yes, perhaps the egotistical ones) are willing bypass basic driving laws.

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I hated commuting from Vallejo CA to Oakland, so I moved to Oakland. When we moved to Texas, we lived in a rural area with little traffic. Yea since retired I tend to avoid going places when it’s most crowded. Today when I get in stop and go traffic, I just relax knowing there is nothing I can really do about it.

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Given California’s recent snow troubles I was expecting pictures and a guessing game. SoCal or GTA (Greater Toronto Area)?


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