Space Nerds in Space: a free/open co-op multiplayer spaceship landing simulator with combat, NPCs and more

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I’ve been wanting to try something like Artemis or Spaceteam, so I’ll definitely look into this one!


It’s tricky to get running the first time, but it’s fun. There’s a Lua based scripting engine for your own missions, and the developer posts regular updates to his patreon.

Makes a great (LAN) party game.

I wonder if it’ll run on the new raspberry pi. Guess I gotta try that.


Strange, it was just this week that I started installing this! Definitely a good looking game, just have to try and get a fee friends together for a game sometime.

Would be great if my RPi 4 could run the server/main screen, would free up a computer for a player!

That’s interesting! I’m actually looking around for a roleplaying game (like Dungeons and Dragons) in space. This one feels like it’s a bit to reliant on the computers. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for a more paper based version?

I’m currently looking at:


Spaceteam isn’t really the head of the “co-op spaceship crew game” lineage represented by stuff like Artemis. It’s a dumb (but hilarious) party game, not any kind of simulation. Artemis and friends descend more from the old-timey bridge simulator that I can’t find the web site of any more.

I hadn’t seen much of SNIS before. It’s certainly got a distinctive and cool visual style

If you’re interested in Artemis, check out the weirdly-named Empty Epsilon which is an open-source version. There’s a small but dedicated online community, though playing online isn’t quite as much fun as doing it with everyone in the same room.


An RPG in space, you say? The first one to jump to my mind is Traveller / MegaTraveller, but as far as I can tell they have been out of print for ages. If you look around, I’m sure you can find a trove of PDF files for the game somewhere.

As I recall, it’s a very dense game, character creation is really involved, and there’s a ton of material for it.

If you would prefer a more streamlined Traveller based RPG, you could check out GURPS Traveller which is also mostly out of print:

If you’re interested in a boardgame that plays like Spaceteam, etc., I’ve heard good things about Space Alert:


Traveller’s the grandfather of RPGs-in-space, and it’s still going strong.

If you want a bit of Dune flavour Fading Suns might be worth a look.
Of course there’s Rogue Trader if you’re into Warhammer 40K.
Starfinder is a sci-fi spinoff of the popular D&D spinoff Pathfinder, though I’ve not read it much myself.
For something with an old-school D&D-esque vibe, there’s Stars Without Number.

And of course many more besides.


I recall something like that back in the CP/M days.

Umm, Traveller? Plenty of SF based GURPS stuff out there too (the old ways are the BEST ways!).
[ETA: I am redundant, I see :wink:]


Not at all. I’m happy to see some corroboration.

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