Space Weird Thing: curious Space Oddity parody inspired by XKCD


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I will never again be able to listen to any version of this song without hearing “press the start thing”.


Bravo. The floating in space shot is genius. I had no idea the original video was so low-budget, either. Pre-Sweded, almost.


Wow, I wonder what word #1,001 is. Do you think it feels bad?


one of the guys who made it posted it here last week


Really what’s amazing is how little actually gets changed. I imagine that most pop songs adhere to the 1000-most-used word list pretty well.


Yup yup yup, that’s me. I’m a regular.


This was a fun project to work on, thanks @pesco for sharing it! :joy:

Marian, Molly and Seth were great to work with, they took the song from a concept to a recording by about lunch time and then we shot the video with the second half of the day. I think my favorite part is the bubble thing that appears over Marian’s shoulder during the launch sequence, we used a glass salad bowl for that one… And maybe that’s what Bowie used too?

We thought about doing “Up Goer Man” but the video for “Space Oddity” was too crazy to pass up.

If you want to hear more from Marian, Molly or Seth, you can find their music on Bandcamp. Marian will also be doing some Texas shows this month and they’ll all be in San Diego and L.A. around Comic Con time for some kind of space themed show and maybe a W00tstock.


Very cool, @patrace et al.!


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