SpaceX's futuristic rocket design toolkit


Needs more Kerbals!


It doesn’t show how you accurate build anything with it! It just shows a dithery rendering of something in slices. That’s no good for technical drafting of designs.

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This has to have been posted for the lulz. 3D design, and particularly, CAD design software, is hardly begging for this sort of solution. I have a leap motion and access to a rocket scientist. Her response to the leap motion? “meh”. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Ahh, whats old is new again.
Virtual Reality for CAD has been around for what, 20+years?
Here’s a paper from 2000 about a CAVE based system used for distributed design reviews.
Interaction tools have come down dramatically in price, but is the interaction really better?

“melding gestural interfaces, 3D design, virtual reality, and 3D printing.”

BOING BOING BINGO!!! now if only there was a ‘electronic freedom’ angle… :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously this stuff has looked consistantly cool for the last 30 years. it just never quite makes it to production.

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I don’t see anything revolutionary here. At least not regarding 3D/CAD interface. Sure, it looks great and is valuable for evaluation and presentation. However, It does not change the process of designing and creating the CAD model.

This appears to be a viewing app where the gestures control the camera or adjust a cutting plane reveal more details. There’s no manipulation/modification of the objects. Scan the existing Leap projects out there and you will find many examples just like this. It’s funny how adding a famous name can draw so much interest.

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