Spanish cops seize 68,000 gallons of inedible lamp oil about to be passed off as "olive oil"

Originally published at: Cops seize 68k gal. of lamp oil about to be passed off as "olive oil"


This is a widespread phenomena affecting all consumables production at the most basic level. Organized crime makes billions with grossly inferior and sometimes dangerous substitutions long before it makes it to the processors. Virtually nothing is potentially untouched, even from the most elite providers, since the links in the supplier chain are, at times, corrupt or untraceable.


I know I’m like 4-5 years too late, but sounds like a problem that could be solved by:


I had this exact same conversation at an industry conference where a software company gave a presentation on how blockchain would solve every problem under the sun and make sure Santa gave you a pony.

I asked how block chain could prevent a bad actor from swapping out the bag of coffee I ordered with an inferior product anywhere along the value chain.

The session ended early after that.


2 responses.

  1. My wife went to a similar blockchain presentation by IBM, came back excited about the possibilities. My response was that for most businesses, a properly secured database was far more appropriate for a ton of reasons too long to be part of a 2 part response…

  2. If you swallowed the blockchain kool-aid whole, then the farm would be on the blockchain selling olives to the expeller, and the aggregate of the expellers output could be traced through the blockchain and show that they were selling more of one grade of oil than was possible from the number of olives taken in.

This is not realistic in my opinion, but if everyone was using blockchains as they were being advertised 4 years ago, they would provide a solution.


Holy fudge! What a horror story.


They’re still trying to figure out what’s in the fudge:



Blockchain can actually be a solution to this, it just doesn’t need to be some distributed one with gigantic trust issues.

Just barcode the beans! /S

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At least it may be partly safe. Better than using Lestoil in a recipe.

Yes, my brother-in-law was trying to help in the kitchen and did not know the difference. My sister noticed the (bread or cake or something) smelled awful during the baking and discovered his mix-up.

I don’t believe she ever asks for his help in baking anymore.

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