Spectacular read: a profile of Anna Sorokin, a con-artist who convinced New York that she was a high-rolling socialite trust-funder

One of the off-campus bank ATMs near the University of Florida was a prime location for this kind of scam when I was attending back in the 90s. Car broke down, stranded with wife and kids, yadda yadda, yadda. It was so common, I’d often run into the same guy twice in a day.


“Delvey’s story is a kind of parable about the perils of Norman Vincent Peale’s positive thinking gospel, whose exponents (including Donald Trump and his father) are told to simply act as though their desires had already been realized”

This is just embarrassing to read…don’t you mean ‘proponents?’

Can’t; she’s not a natural-born citizen of the USA.

According to Mac’s dictionary, exponent does have a definition that aligns with this exact use of the word. New to me, but hey – you really can learn something new every day!

I fell for this type of scam once, a long time ago. To them, it isn’t “stooping low”. They have no concept of “low”. To them, it’s just a job. A challenge.


You do! Thanks for the gracious lesson :slight_smile:

Look for a Trump pardon, soon.

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