Bernie Madoff story, with new interviews

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I heard it was more than $65


I did as well, but I can totally see this sociopath explaining how he only stole $65.


What I’m curious about is the psychology of Bernie Madoff. Was he truly a sociopathic mastermind who willfully misled his victims, in which case he’s an Other worthy of hate, or is he a normal person who got carried away by his creation and lies until there was no turning back, in which case it’s important to understand how it happened so that we can gain better insight into the failure modes of human and social psychology.


Bernie Madoff is virulent scumbag, no jail cell is dark enough for him.

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It’s not the money. It’s the principle of the matter.

No way, the guys who steal less than a hundred get hard time. No golf for them.


One of those guys took a sickening amount of money from me. I never approved any risky investments, but my fund manager made some decisions on my behalf, and suddenly, it was just gone. People are in jail, but that does not help me very much. I cannot even articulate how angry those kind of people make me.


Madoff wiped out a big chunk of the retirement funds from my cousin’s union. It’s sad to see someone who has worked as hard as my cousin, and know that he can never stop.


There’s a strange psychology at play with many white collar criminals that you don’t see so much with other types of criminals. It’s almost as if they have to persuade themselves as well as others that their scheme is legitimate. Even with the guaranteed protections they have in disclosing any wrongdoing to their attorneys, I find that they are usually incapable of doing so.

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I’m streaming this program free c/o the Amazon Prime/Audible deal. (Pay for Prime but not Audible). To my ears, the reporter is successfully navigating Madoff and his associates and pointing out flaws and conflicts in Madoff’s own assertions.

If I wasn’t convinced he was truly a monster before…


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