Speed-Way motorcycle shelter


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i’ve been considering one of these, and waiting to hear from someone who uses it regularly. THANK you for your experiences. Usually I feel like I am giving hints/tip about bikes from years of experience and failure. It is nice to hear and learn new… and I think you have helped me make decision. thank you

I really prefer it over the “form fitting” covers you stretch over. I keep the newer bike under the Speed-Way and it gets dusty, from wind blowing stuff under the edges (I park on a cement slab, outdoors.) I never have clouds of steam coming out of the pipes at warm up, like I do on the bike under a TourMaster cover. I’ve gone through 1 of those heavy duty outdoor covers every 2 years for as long as I can remember. Speed-Way still looks new. If I can figure out how to get both my bikes on my cement slab, I’ll buy a 2nd Speed-Way shelter and keep them both under them.

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I REALLY wanted to get one of these for my bike, loving the design.

But when I went out and priced my options, I realized that for less money I could get a larger shed, one with room enough to store a couple mopeds, too: http://www.shelterlogic.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductId=791a40a6-9472-4911-b7ca-9df80095b3e8

yep the stretch over ones are crap. useful only as a dust cover.

and the speedway is affordable enough I can consider it portable, put it outside the garage for ONE bike - and not have to build another shed

just the thing for a guy with 5+ bikes in a 2 car garage

So much water ends up in the pipes of any bike in my driveway under one of those all weather covers it is silly. Not so with the motorcycle tent! The difference when starting the bikes up is startling.

My inability to have a shed is keeping me from buying an R90s.

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here is the thing. Prices of R90S? will continue to climb. It is an iconic bike. as they get older? the become more rare.

At what point does the lack of shed stop you? If you can afford it? you get a proper storage locker/rental place…

If lack of storage stopped Paul d’Orleans? http://thevintagent.blogspot.com/ we would all be deprived of so many great stories about velocettes and such…

i wish, truly, that Old me could go back and tell Young me? “buy more bikes, find storage, do not sell them all in the dee-vorce”

(I once sold 15 running, licensed, insured Yamaha RDs of different flavor to someone for $200, on the condition he take them ALL at once, and NOT ask me for help with them in the future. Just to have ONE of them back…)

I no longer have the stomach to pay to store expensive antique cars and bikes just for the sake of owning them. I gave up my most treasured classic, a 1955 Pre-A Porsche Speedster, when I realized it belonged in a museum and not on the road. I paid thousands of dollars to park that car over the course of a decade in the bay area. Taking it out was always an exercise in fear management. No Tahoe or Surburban driver in SF can see you in a car that small and low with all the hills.

I never meant to own a collectible, when I bought it they were desirable but not really popular to own, the reproductions got super popular drove their value up. Plus it is just the most beautiful car ever made. I used it as a daily driver in West LA. Moving to San Francisco eliminated that cars ability to be useful. The oversteer was brilliantly fun on the coast roads north of the city, however.

If I could keep the R90s someplace I feel it’ll be stored like a collectible vs a bike I ride around, I’d consider it more strongly. If I didn’t have the R75/6 I do, I’d likely own an R90s now, but use it as a daily driver – but fate brought me the bike I got. I have put waaaay too much into her to say goodbye now.

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Love the concept, wish I had space for it as I’m planning in the near future to buy a Honda Gyro Up and regular covers just don’t do squat with Japanese rainy season (pretty much January to December). Unfortunately with the small space in front of our house this thing probably won’t fit.

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